About IMG

Our purpose is to be the trailblazer, leader and an esteemed world company on its subject.
The foundations of IMG Insulated Conductors Industry are, since 1970, become bigger permanently by gaining experince on lots of branchs of metal sector. In our experience over 40 years, the area of usage of copper and aluminum conductors formed the conclusion that will be needed more in the following years. We achieved the establishment of IMG Insulated Conductors Industry In Istanbul, in 2011 to produce the electrolytic copper and aluminium wired that are used in almost every area by today. We began to serve in this branch continuously and innovatively with our experienced and skilled staff on the fabrication and insulation of copper and aluminium conductors
Since we started off until today, we are in novelty seeking and keep being in novelty seeking in order to reach our products to our costumers with premium quality, the most economical prices and as soon as in on every branches we have engaged Best quality of our products in every branch we have engaged. Trying to reach the perfection on every branches that it engaged and counting prerequisite commitment to ethical values ​​in all activities carried out so far, IMG, as in the past, is determined to continue its path with its honorable work. The most important basis of the IMG culture; basic values, continues to light the way for the new years.

Our Vision

To be the trailblazer, leader and an esteemed world company on its subject. What do we understand of being a world company? We are, in the somewhere of the world, suitable to that region’s conditions, customer focusing, We, adhere to any part of the terms of that part of the world, are a company that can make customer-oriented marketing, sales and production. We, company that make employees’ adaption to their work by using the proper motivation, respecting the environment and human, mutual interest and cooperation can be established without waiting for what will happen tomorrow and venture to form it.

Our Mission

To create value for skateholders, sectors that using copper and aluminium conductors in the world by applying modern management system and providing quality products and services..

Our Basic Values

Our common values form the basis of IMG human resources applications. The common values shared by our employees has great importance for the success of our company and looking to the future with confidence. We, IMG owe our success to our values ​​that we based on. Today we are pleased to share these values ​​with everyone and especially our young people. To perpetuate the satisfaction of customers and employees of a company is not just for today, also for the assurance of future earnings. To resume such a stability is only possible with a conscious quality policy. Like we have been doing since 3 years.. As IMG, we arrange all of our activities, to the minimize the damage to the employees, third parties, property and the environment are holding any damage like this: All managers and employees to be responsible with the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, and to comply with regulations, applicable laws and statues. To comply with customer specifications and standarts, minimize the repair rate, customer complaints, reduce costs and to reflect this to the customers. management to ensure the increase of effectiveness of the system to continuously monitor and improve application. To ensure the increase of effectiveness of the system managements, to monitor and improve applications continuously.